What is FamZoo?

FamZoo is an online virtual family bank that helps insanely busy parents (sound familiar?) teach their kids good money habits with minimal hassle through hands-on practice.

Our private family “banking” system is designed to help you teach your kids to earn, save, spend, and give money wisely in a safe, friendly environment. You’re the “banker,” and your kids are the “customers.”

You can manage your kids’ funds in either IOU accounts, or prepaid card accounts (subject to eligibility), or a combination of the two. Your kids sign in separately to access their own accounts, while you maintain visibility and control through a shared online dashboard.

You define the rules of your private family banking system and economy in a way that matches your unique values. You can set up any combination of

  • automated allowances,
  • rewards for chores and odd jobs,
  • “payroll” withholding for saving or giving,
  • penalties for missed work,
  • parent-paid interest on savings,
  • expense sharing,
  • matching contributions,
  • budgets,
  • loans,
  • and much more.

Start super simple, and add sophistication gradually as your kids mature.

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