How much does FamZoo cost?

If you’re using our IOU accounts, the first two months of FamZoo are free and you don’t have to enter any payment info up front to get started.

After the free trial period or when you order our prepaid cards, FamZoo is $5.99 a month for your whole family. That’s if you choose to pay each month. If you choose one of our pay-in-advance plans, you can get FamZoo for as little as $2.50 a month. That’s just $30 a year.

Try FamZoo with your family now.

Is FamZoo really worth it?

Yes, we think you’ll find our prices to be very fair. Just test drive FamZoo for a couple of months, and find out for yourself without risking a single penny.

Why? We’ve lovingly hand-crafted the software ourselves to help you teach your children solid habits in a warm, safe environment. Our software has personality. It’ll make you chuckle every once in a while. Most importantly, it’s effective, and it’s easy. Once you start using FamZoo with your family, you’ll feel so much better about the role you’re playing in preparing your child for the real world. You’ll be a much more consistent mentor, and you’ll see just how little effort that takes with FamZoo.

Try it, we think you’ll like it. And, yes, you can always cancel anytime if you don’t.

If you do like FamZoo, you’ll be in good company. Our current members really dig it. Seriously. See what they’re saying about FamZoo here.

Finally, consider this: how many of the following expenses do you incur?

Monthly basic cable service..................................$71/month
Daily coffee habit (just plain coffee, no fancy stuff!)......$30/month
Monthly manicure.............................................$15/month

If you’re like us, you might be searching for the “check all” box about now. (Well, ok, maybe not you dads with that last one...)

Of course, we’re not asking you to give these things up! (Hey, we wouldn’t want to be hypocrites.) But, just consider for a moment: which one of your regular expenses is also helping you to connect with your child, pass along your values, and teach essential living skills? And, what’s at stake if you aren’t doing that regularly?

Kinda puts $2.50 in perspective.

What’s with the whole subscription thing anyway? How come it isn’t free?

Hey, we’re parents too! We’ve got mouths to feed, kids to put through school, spouses to make up to when we’re in the dog house, and daily coffee habits to fuel our late-night software geek-fests. Not all of our employees work for free. Do you? If so, by all means, contact us right away!

And, despite what some folks seem to think, good software and friendly service don’t actually grow on trees.

Well, if you need revenue, why don’t you just display ads instead? Don’t you geezers get the whole "Web Two Oh" thing?

Yeah, we sort of get it, but ads just don’t fit the mission. Ads are all about buying on impulse and doing zany things to grab tons of “eyeballs”. That’s just not consistent with what we’re all about. Sometimes, you just have to stick to your principles. If that means a small to medium sized membership of passionate and dedicated families, that’s just fine. It also means we can deliver better, more personalized service.

My free trial is up, but I’d really like to keep using FamZoo with my family, and I just can’t afford another expense right now. What are my options?

We firmly believe that teaching kids solid habits and encouraging parents to be effective mentors is important for all families, regardless of financial standing. If you really can’t afford FamZoo right now, just contact us, tell us your situation, and we’ll try to work something out.

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